An inclusive environment for exceptional people
An inclusive environment for exceptional people


An inclusive environment for exceptional people


Senior IT-security Consultant


We are looking for an experienced Senior IT-security Consultant for our Emergency Response and Tiger Team. You now have the opportunity to become part of our talented team and make a difference in the war against cybercrime. 

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Sales Executive

We are looking for a Sales Executive who will be part of our talented and growing Sales team.

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What we do

The secret of our success



We're an independent cyber security services company with a single focus - detecting and mitigating threats to protect our customers’ assets, brands and users.

Best known for our threat intelligence capabilities, we help protect some of the world's largest commercial enterprises.

The secret of our success is the people we recruit.


Solve meaningful problems

There’s never a shortage of interesting, complex, and meaningful problems to solve at CSIS, no matter what your area of expertise.

Take ownership of your work

One of our core values is to be responsible. Employees at every level are empowered to own their work from start to finish.

Work with exceptional minds

We hire smart people who crave an open environment where they can be creative, ambitious and have a real impact.


Are you the curious type?

Who we look for.


We are always interested in speaking to talented individuals and technology professionals who are excited about expanding the frontiers of cyber security.

We've created a culture that rewards bright, driven people who deliver high quality work.

To work here, an intellectually curious mind and a proven ability to solve complex problems are essential.


Challenging work in a financially-independent company

Health insurance, a pension, plus life and disability insurance

Flexible hours (we believe in a positive work-life balance)

5 weeks holiday, plus 5 “floating” days off each year

Great fair trade coffee

Healthy, varied lunches (vegetarian and allergy options)

Rooms equipped with refrigerators, beverage & organic fruit

Shower facilities and subsidised weekly massages

Company events, for grown-ups and for families

Mobile phone, laptop and home Internet

Meet our talented employees

Software Developer

Diana Strele

What I like about my job: I like my team. We met here at CSIS and bonded. Now we are friends outside of work as well. A bit like a small family. And it is nice to come to work when you get to be with good people. I also like the fact that I get challenging tasks, and I never get bored. I get a lot of possibilities for learning something new every day. Which I think is very mind stimulating.

How I came here: I started in CSIS and an intern as part of my studies. After that I was hired as a student developer. After finalizing my thesis, I was offered a full-time job as Software developer.

More about me:  I live in a house with a garden, and I really enjoy working in the garden. I like to go grab a beer in the sun, or at work on our roof top with colleagues. I often visit my family in Latvia, and luckily my job is quite flexible, so I have the possibility to work remotely.

Managed Detection and Response Engineer

Ulrik Klepsch

What is great about my job: I have a lot of varied tasks on my table, so I don’t have the same things to do every day. I really like that. I am relatively new in the company, so of course, most if it is new to me still. Computer was always my personal hobby, so it is amazing to be able to work with IT professionals as well. I also enjoy the culture at CSIS, which is very social. I joined our Social Committee where I get to help organize a lot of great social events for our colleagues. I guess that it would be difficult to find a company that offers the same culture and work-life balance as CSIS.

How I came here: I was looking for an internship as part of my bachelor’s degree at KEA and made a post in LinkedIn about it. I was referred to CSIS, which was recommended as a good place to work with a strong Cyber Security profile. I had several different internships to choose from, but I selected CSIS partly because their recruitment process and communication were extremely fast and efficient. At the end of my bachelor's, I was offered a job here as Managed Detection and Response Engineer. It has been great to start out with an internship, where expectations are a bit lower, and then continue in a full-time job. That way, I had a somewhat softer start instead of starting directly in a full-time position with higher expectations for performance from day one.

More about me: It is important to me to live a healthy life. I exercise, and I am a vegan. I enjoy cooking delicious food. IT is also my private hobby, and I experiment with setting up servers, or what you call a home lab. I like to sew, and I once sewed a nice jacket for my girlfriend. I have two sewing machines at home and like to design my own things. I am quite interested in fashion and design.

Security Engineer

Kim Lerking

What I like about my job: I enjoy being able to stop people with bad intentions. That we can do something good and help others. I also like that I can dive into complex technical details and find the needle in the haystack. It is a great satisfaction for me to see that your work is making a difference, and that we are actually able to stop bad things from happening. The social culture of the company is quite important for me. I am so relieved that we are now back after covid-19 lockdown.

How I came here: I started as a Security Analyst and later advanced to Security engineer. I worked with IT for 25 years, I am self-taught and have always been interested in IT-security. Back in the 90’s I got a virus that I simply could not crack. I sent it to what then was called “virus-112”. It was Owned by one of our founders, Peter Kruse. Peter later wrote an article about that virus. Since then, I followed the work of Peter Kruse. I sent an unsolicited application to CSIS and was offered a job. So here I am.

More about me: In my private life I enjoy outdoor life and nature. I love climbing. I spend time with my family and my children. And I love puzzles and solving complex mind games. Honestly, I am interested in everything. Cyber Security is also a private hobby for me. It is always evolving, and you must stay constantly updated. I like that.

We occasionally accept interns




We enjoy sharing knowledge with new talent, and we are inspired and enthused by our interns.  

For internship requests, we conduct individual assessments of both of the students themselves, and our people/departments affected by the project.

Getting started

Your detailed CV and application should include an educational transcript, and explain:

  • The work area involved (e.g. development, consultancy, research, analysis, etc.)
  • The type of internship (daily operations, a project we assign, your own project/thesis, etc.)
  • The start date and duration of the internship
  • What you are hoping to gain from the internship, and
  • How you will contribute to our company.

Please note that CSIS is unable to assist with housing.

Please send your internship application (CV and cover letter) to hr@csis.com.

Not finding a suitable role for you?

Go ahead anyway

We are always interested in hearing from interesting candidates.

Send us your current CV and a one-page cover letter, describing your education, experience and why you would like a career with CSIS. If there are no current openings that meet your profile, we will keep your application on file for one year.


Send your details here: