CSIS at a glance.
CSIS at a glance.


CSIS at a glance.

About us

Founded: Copenhagen, 2003

Founders: Peter Kruse and Morten Villekjær.

Offices: Copenhagen, Skanderborg, and London

Our people: 70+ employees. 20+ nationalities.

Our culture: Open-minded. Friendly. Team-spirited.

Ownership: Fully independent employee-owned company.

Structure: Flat organisation. Limited bureaucracy.

Our values: Be responsible. Be respectful. Be proactive.

Our ambition: To be the leader in actionable intelligence-driven detection and response services.

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Who we are and what we do

As well as actionable intelligence, we provide prevention, incident response and - for customers who need to optimise their internal security resources - 24/7 managed security services.

Trusted advisory

A trusted adviser to law enforcement, government, business and media, our threat intelligence capabilities are acknowledged by Gartner Group.

Cyber security expertise

Our team includes some of the brightest cyber security minds in Europe (if not the world).


About CSIS

Founded in 2003, CSIS Security Group A/S (CSIS) is a leading provider of advanced cybersecurity capabilities, focused on actionable and intelligence-driven detection and response services.

We are the preferred cybersecurity partner to notable organizations across various sectors, including Banking & Financial Services, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, as well as, Government & Public Sector. We are a trusted adviser to law enforcement agencies (including the FBI, NCA, Europol) and are also sought-after speakers for public and closed-community conferences around the world.

Additionally, our depth of expertise and distinguished reputation ensure that we are regularly called upon as expert commentators on cyber topics for the media.

Email address: press@csis.com (all press)

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We are the leader in actionable and intelligence-driven detection and response services.

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