Enhance your Incident </br>Response preparedness
Enhance your Incident </br>Response preparedness


Enhance your Incident
Response preparedness


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How an Incident Response Tabletop Exercise Can Help

Fortunately, few companies have been involved in an active Incident Response case. The flip side is that precious few companies have hands-on Incident Response experience, which in turn can have dire time- and monetary consequences.

Conducting an Incident Response Tabletop exercise can help prepare your cyber security team or IT department for an incident.

The customer may set up 3 pre-defined targets for a simulated attack (e.g. compromising the Active Directory, the organisation’s  ERP system, or even the CTO’s email).

What we provide

Enhance Your Incident Response Preparedness



Enhance Your Incident Response Preparedness with Simulation-Based Tabletop Exercises

An Incident Response tabletop exercise is a simulation-based training activity designed to help our customers practice and improve their incident response processes.

We help our customers gain hands-on experience before being hit by an actual incident, understand their IR processes better, identify potential areas for improvement, and increase their general preparedness for responding to a real-world cyber incident.

Our approach

Tailored Incident Response Tabletop Exercises



We create Tailored Incident Response Tabletop Exercises for Realistic Cybersecurity Scenarios

Based on your specific technical setup, CSIS creates a custom scenario to make the exercise as realistic as possible for your IR team. While the attack vector and other details of the attack vary from scenario to scenario, the attack commonly evolves into one or more of the following cases:

  • Ransomware attack
  • Data Exfiltration
  • BEC-Fraud


Minimize Risk and Maximize Preparedness



Minimize Risk and Maximize Preparedness with IR Tabletop Exercises for Incident Response

An IR Tabletop exercise is a valuable tool for organizations to test and improve their incident response plans, procedures, and team coordination.

It provides a safe and controlled environment to practice responses to potential security incidents and can help organizations be better prepared for any real-world incidents that may occur, thus mitigating the risk of loosing precious time in the initial, and crucial, stages of an actual incident.


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