Be Resilient.
Be Resilient.

Emergency Response Retainers

Be Resilient.


Be resilient



The moment your organization is hit by an incident, you need the ability to take key decisions quickly and get the situation under control.

Common mistakes organizations make:

  • Taking the entire network offline
  • Formatting computers that are visibly affected
  • Communicating first impressions internally and externally
  • Trusting already-deployed security products for data about the breach
  • Failing to investigate an incident

Taking the right decisions will pave the way toward rapid and robust recovery.

Taking the wrong decisions will invariably lead to more work, more costs and, likely, a failed clean-up job.

What we provide

Choose the retainer that makes sense
for you

The most important differentiator between our retainer types is availability and the start-up service level commitment.

Our emergency response capabilities are second to none.

Benefits. Be prepared.

Having an emergency response retainer ensures you reduce the number of things you need to worry about because you:

Get priority access

Understand how to get the process started

Already have all the required paperwork in place

Benefit from reduced costs related to the time spent and tools used

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We are the leader in actionable and intelligence-driven detection and response services.

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