Optimizing your <br/> security posture 24/7.
Optimizing your <br/> security posture 24/7.

Managed Detection and Response

Optimizing your
security posture 24/7.


We are in the ‘age of resilience’

A ‘Prevent Breach’ mindset is no longer adequate

Perimeter security has been the traditional focus to keep attackers out. But breaches can, do and will happen.

Organizations need to ‘Assume Breach’ 

This calls for a more agile, proactive and constant capability to detect and act on threats and risks already present in your network.


Most organizations are ill-equipped to tackle cyber challenges



- Lack of speed and scalability

- Limited access to necessary capabilities

- Complexity involved in finding the needle in the haystack

- Lack of organizational, process, technology integration

- Investigative shortcomings

MDR main challenges and what makes us special

We are your trusted MDR services partner

Our services are delivered on top of your chosen:

Security information and event management (SIEM)

Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

Network detection and response (NDR)

The foundation of our service:

Our 24x7 ‘MDR Center’


The service is delivered through our proprietary platform, which integrates with various own and 3rd party monitoring technologies.

It allows to ingest data about potential security events from customer endpoints, the network layer, and event reporting infrastructure and further enriches and checks this data against our world-class threat intelligence and digital forensics library to identify Indicators of Compromise (IOC) or Indicators of Attack (IOA).

When anomalous indicators are detected, we perform full root cause analysis to determine the critical insights required that then inform response actions to be taken.

Our services levels

No matter the scope of coverage you need, we have two highly competitive service levels to offer.


Our Threat Intelligence Portal

Your single pane of glass. Through our TIP, you can …

Access our incident management module, which includes full audit trails on alerts and incidents

  • Communicate with our team through a simple and effective ticketing system
  • Manage your GDPR obligations in case of incidents
  • Facilitate law enforcement notifications when needed
  • Read our constantly updated security advisories (Platinum Alert Service)
  • Consult our strategic assessments of threat actor and threat landscape trends (Threat Matrix)

We deliver value from Day 1

Instant access to world-class cyber capabilities

Gain real-time threat detection

Lean on your dedicated security advisor

Rapid and decisive response to attacks

Companies that have worked with us understand the relevance of taking out an Emergency Response Retainers with us.


“Working with CSIS is a partnership, not a customer-vendor relationship. It brings a lot of value to the business because we can trust their knowledge and expertise in cybersecurity, so we can focus on our core business.”


Senior Security Advisor


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Rest Assured.

We are the leader in actionable and intelligence-driven detection and response services.

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