Release Notes, May 2022

2022.05 Release Notes

From: 21 Apr 2022 

To: 20 May 2022 



Threat Intelligence Portal

           - Improved design and user experience for ease of use

           - Improved accessibility compliance following WCAG 2.2 standards

           - Portal tabs released: Dashboard, Alerts, Tickets and User settings

Over the coming months, you will see the following Product tab releases: 

  • “Articles” and “Platinum Alert Service” will be merged into Threat Insights 
  • “CIRK” will be renamed Remote Forensics 
  • “Crimeware” will be renamed Investigation and will be upgraded with an IOC search interface, and an interactive Threat Cloud 
  • “Drop Data” will be renamed Compromised Data 
  • “PhishDB” will be renamed Anti-Phishing 

Please see our press release for more information: 



Brand Protection 


  • Reduced time to take-down by improving ingestion speed of newly registered domains 


Cyber Threat Intelligence 

Cyber Defense Feed and HoneyNet Monitor: 

  • Improved detection and reduced false positives by implementing new Command and Control server identification algorithm 



  • Internal improvements 



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